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Welcome to the / website. This website is associated with the INDOLOGY online discussion forum for Classical South Asian studies that has existed since 1990 as a medium for exchange and debate by university-level scholars in Classical Indian Studies.


The past archives of the forum, going back to 1990, can be browsed or searched.

Subscribing to the Forum

If you wish to subscribe to the INDOLOGY forum, please follow the instructions at:

Forum Management

Personal enquiries concerning the INDOLOGY forum can be sent to INDOLOGY's governing committee at the address:

This Website

This website also contains the following:

  • SARIT: Search and Retrieval of Indic Texts.

  • E-texts / Software: an archive of Indic e-texts and Indological software.

  • Papers: an archive of articles, papers, and other writings pertinent to Indological studies.

  • Links: a list of external websites and resources of value to Indological research.

  • John Smith's home page, "Bombay": a variety of texts, fonts and programs likely to be of interest to Indologists, including the e-text of the critical edition of the Mahābhārata, distributed with the approval of the publishers, BORI.

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